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WELCOME TO At, a service of Habuken Technologies LLC. We hope you find it useful. By accessing or interacting with our servers, services, websites orother content / publications (as a whole, ""), you acceptthese Terms of Use (TOU ") (last updated on December 29, 2019). Understand and accept that is a private site owned byHabuken Technologies LLC, and operated by it. If you access or use on behalf of a company, thatcompany accepts TOUs. If you do not accept TOUs, you are not authorized to We may modify the TOU at any time and at our discretion. You are responsible for periodically finding out if changes wereapplied and, if you continue to use, you agree to complywith them. Our privacy policy (shown below), our prohibited lists policy (shownbelow) and the rest of the policies, site rules and agreements mentionedbelow or on are fully incorporated into these TOUs, Andyou accept them. LICENSE. If you accept the TOU and (1) you are of sufficient age and ability touse and comply with the TOU, or (2) use onbehalf of a company, with which the company must comply with the TOU, wewill provide you a non-delegable, non-exclusive and revocable license touse in compliance with the TOUs; Unlicensed use is not authorized. You agree not to show, "frame", make derivative works, distribute,license or sell content except for the publications youhave created. You grant us a perpetual, irrevocable, unlimited, worldwide, paid /sub-licenseable license to use, copy, execute, display, distribute andmake derivative works of the content you publish. USE. Unless we grant a license through a written agreement, you agree not touse or provide software (except for email clients and general webbrowsers) or services that interact or interoperate with Trapichero.comp. eg, to download, upload, create / access / use an account, publish,bookmark, send emails, search or use via mobile devices. You agree not to copy / collect content from usingrobots, spiders, scripts, web crawlers or automatic or manualequivalents (e.g., by hand). Deceptive and unsolicited publications / communications / accounts, and/ or illegal publications / communications / accounts are prohibited, asare the purchase and sale of accounts. You agree not to publish content prohibited by the Trapichero.compolicies or rules mentioned above ("Prohibited Content"). You agree not to abuse the marking and reporting process You agree not to collect information from users orinterfere with Accept that we can moderate access to or its use at oursole discretion, e.g. e.g., by blocking, filtering, recategorization, reclassification, elimination, delay, retention,omission, verification or termination of your access / license /account. You agree (1) not to avoid the mentioned moderation, (2) that we arenot responsible for moderation or lack of moderation, and (3) thatnothing we say or do is a waiver of our right to moderate or notmoderate. LIQUIDATED DAMAGES. In addition, you agree that if you violated the USE section, or if youencourage, support, benefit from or induce others to do so, you will beglobally and individually responsible for the settlement of damages, asindicated, by: (A) collecting / collecting userinformation including personal information or that allows theidentification of a person: $ 1 per violation; (B) publish / misuse personal information or allow the identificationof a third party in relation to your use of without theexpress written consent: $ 1000 per violation; (C) lie about your identity or affiliation with someone in relation toyour use of $ 1000 per violation; (D) publish or attempt to publish Prohibited Content: $ 4 perviolation; (E) publish or attempt to publish Prohibited Content in any section the price per publication that applies to the section; (F) send an unauthorized / requested email to a emailaddress: $ 25 per violation; (G) use the user information of to generate / send atext message, a call or communication without a user being authorized/ requested: $ 500 per text / call / communication; (H) create a fake or illegal account or acquire / sell account: $ 4 per violation; (I) abuse or attempt to abuse the reporting and marking process $ 1 per violation; (J) distribute software to facilitate violations of the USE section: $1000 per violation; (K) group, display, copy, duplicate, reproduce, distribute or exploitthe content of for any purpose without our expresswritten consent: $ 3000 per day in which you participate in suchinfractions; (L) request, view, or access more than 1000 pages of ina 24-hour period: $ 0. 25 per page during the 24-hour period after the first 1000 pages; (M) avoid or try to avoid our moderation efforts: $ 4 per infraction. Accept that these amounts are (1) a reasonable estimate of our damages(actual damages are often difficult to calculate), (2) are not a fineand (3) do not otherwise limit our ability to obtain judicial redresspursuant to principles of law or claims, including legal damages andother equity repairs (e.g., for unsolicited mails, we can choose betweenthe liquidated damages mentioned above or legal damages under theanti-mail rule not requested). Further, accepts that repeated violations of the USE section will generateirreparable damages and will give us the right to obtain relief or equalcompensation, in addition to monetary damages. RATES You authorize us to charge your account the rates of inthe paid areas. Taxes are included. Fees are non-refundable, even if publications are deleted, delayed,omitted, recategorized, reclassified or otherwise moderated. We can reject publications. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY AND OBLIGATIONS. To the extent permitted by law, Habuken Technologies LLC., And itsexecutives, directors, employees, agents, licensors, affiliates andsuccessors in interest ("Entities of Habuken Technologies LLC.") (1)make no promises , grant guarantees or make statements about which includesits integrity, accuracy, availability, punctuality, ownership, securityor trust; (2) provide "AS IS" and "AS IS AVAILABLE" and you assumethe risks of using; (3) disclaim liability for all warranties, express or implied, whichincludes in terms of accuracy, merchantability, fitness for a particularpurpose and non-infringement; and (4) are not responsible for the actions, omissions or behaviorsthat you or another party exhibits in relation to The Entities of are NOT responsible for direct,indirect, resulting, incidental, special losses, punitive or otherwise, including losses of benefits, earnings, data,surplus value, etc., arising from or associated and in no case shall those responsibilities exceed the $100 or the amount paid to us in the year before that loss. Some jurisdictions restrict or alter these disclaimers and limits, sosome points may not apply. CLAIMS AND INDEMNIFICATION. Claims, causes of action, lawsuits or litigation that arise or arerelated to ("Claims") will be governed by the internallaws of Florida, without taking into account the regulatory provisionsof the conflict of laws, except to the extent that as indicated byfederal laws of the USA. UU. Complaints will be resolved exclusively in Miami, FL courts (unless werequest precautionary or preliminary measures). You agree to (1) submit to the personal jurisdiction of the courts ofMiami, FL; (2) indemnify and release Entities from Claims, losses,obligations or expenses (including attorneys' fees) arising from a thirdparty and associated with your use of ; and (3) be responsible and comply with the Claims we may have on yourexecutives, directors, employees, agents, affiliates or others whoreceive payments or are controlled, directly or indirectly, by you oracting for your benefit. TRADEMARKS., "" and its logo are registered trademarks in the US Patent and TrademarkOffice. UU. and in various offices of registered trademarks of the world. MISCELLANEOUS. Users who comply with prior written licenses can access Trapichero.comunder them until the authorization ends. Otherwise, this is the exclusive and total agreement between us andyou, and our actions or silences towards you or someone else does notexempt, modify or limit the TOUs or our ability to enforce them. The USE, LIQUIDATED DAMAGES and CLAIMS AND COMPENSATION sections willcontinue in effect despite the cessation of the TOUs, and you willremain bound by those sections. If a TOU term is not executable, It should be restricted as little as possible and complemented by avalid provision that best expresses the intention of the parties. The Spanish version of the TOU has a predominance over translations. If, reasonably, you believe that the content infringes yourintellectual property rights, contact us by email


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The user must comply with all applicable laws. Below is a partial list of prohibited content on

  • Exploitation or child abuse
  • Animal exploitation or cruelty
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  • Racism or hate speech
  • Trafficking or prostitution
  • Firearms or ammunition
  • Stolen Items
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